Microsoft requires certain things from companies developing security products. Additionally, if you’re serious in selling an AV product on Windows, you need certain APIs which are related to Windows Security Center / Action Center.
These are not well documented and are usually very complex.

I have experience in dealing with such issues and with Microsoft.

Here are some steps required:

  • Set up the basics to deal with Microsoft
  • Help you
    • Integrate the API you obtain from Microsoft
    • Create the tool for interacting with the Action Center
    • Make it user friendly and test it with additional OSs.
    • Modify the updater to interact with the Action Center
    • Modify the licensing manager to interact with the Action Center
    • Modify the various other product functions to interact with the Action Center
    • Submit the kit (the result depends on all of the above)
    • Implement the product landing pages
    • Implement the incident landing pages
  • Make the required tests and adapt the product until you pass
  • Test and adapt the product for the Microsoft guidelines of interacting with Action CenterĀ  (all above situations)
  • Test and adapt the product for usability in regards to Windows 10 (which are special requirements)

We can’t do all these steps for you, but will guide and accompany you and your teams in doing them. Some of these steps we can do for you.

Please contact us to get more details.

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