An endpoint security product (aka: Antivirus product) has the following components:

  • User interface
  • The entire interception and detection technology to intercept file, memory, registry accesses:

–Real time scanner (drivers, service) logic

–On demand scanner  logic

–Intercept Registry accesses (optional)

–Identify running processes and scan them in memory together with the file on disk (optional)

–Scanning logic – what gets scanned with what technology

–In the cloud protection (optional)

–Updater program and continuous updates for Product and Detection

Mandatory components of an endpoint security product:

–Real time scanner

–On Demand Scanner

–User interface to control and manage the AV



Optional components:–False Positive Prevention

–Registry scanner (incl. interception and blocking)

–Memory scanner

–Cloud scanning

–Remote configuration and control

What we are offering:

  • GUI framework to customize to your own liking
    • On Demand Scanning
    • On Access Scanning
    • Configuration
  • Installer
  • Licensing management (offline and optional online)
  • Scan logic
  • Updating technology
  • Integration of Avira SAVAPI with On Access Scanning (needs to be licensed separately from Avira)
    • SAVAPI
    • Drivers
    • Updater for Avira files

You will need also our support for certifying the product with Microsoft.This is a separate project.

We can’t do this for you but we can work with you. For this, there are several steps required and for this you need to get in touch with us.